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The service bag

Pick a size that best suits your schedule and laundry usage.

The Service Bag is a significant part of the service; both as hamper and carry tote.  The bag comes in three sizes, each holding different weight capacities cost effective for you, while simplifying the service for the service provider, it is a win! win! Your bag purchase will be completed through your local service provider, sales tax varies state by state and may apply. 



Designed for the single user, has small loads, and just wants to drop and go, no hassle! This bag holds up to 17 lbs. of laundry. 15 x 10 x 12 

$5.05 One time bag purchase. 


Enough room to stuff a good pile of laundry for two, is most economical! This bag holds up to 29 lbs. of laundry when stuffed. 18 x 10 x 14

$5.50 One time bag purchase.


This is for the serious laundry user! 49 lbs. max. This bag is a parents personal assistant! 20 x 14 x 15 

$6.35 One time bag purchase. 


The service

What you'll need to know is right here

Establish service

You have reviewed the bag choices and selected the size that fits your need. Locate your authorized personal service provider using the search at the bottom of page. Sign up with an account, they will provide your bag, and coordinate the service with you. Make sure to discuss service locations or pick-up and delivery schedules as each provider differs and has various hours of operation along with geographic delivery challenges. 

One flat price

OK! You have set up local service, have your bag, its stuffed, and ready to go. The Service Provider will conduct weight measurements twice; prior and after the service is completed. If your bag does not exceed the predetermined bag capacity weights of, (17#, 29#, or 49#) it is cleaned for One Flat Price! Pricing does fluctuate throughout the U.S. based on utility fees. Our local Authorized Service Provider can provide their fee schedule for each of the bag sizes, along with any excess charges that could apply. Rest assured, even with a pound or two over, this service style is very cost effective for you, the consumer! 

Keeping it tidy

Our goal is to support a healthy environment, for both our clientele's laundry and our service providers staff and equipment. We prefer you not send items with human excretions or bodily fluids; this includes excessive hair, urine, and waste from pets. Additionally, shop rags, automotive, medical, and or pharmaceutical fabrics are prohibited. We appreciate any attempt to avoid these problems. The service provider may charge additionally a hazardous contaminate fee for issues that require separate individual cleaning or affect the service providers facilities of keeping consciously tidy in supporting a clean environment for day to day laundry customers. 

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