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Our experience & process

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Our commitment

Each wash cycle receives Ozone injection!  This specialized water treatment kills 99.9% all germs and bacteria, most common in laundromats.  This Ozone injection provides you, our customer, not only hospital grade laundry, but laundry soft to the touch.   We successfully keep a quality service by removing the unknown. We do not wash oily rags from the local garage, horse blankets, pet beds, and other grotesque items you find in a public laundromat and certainly we are no diaper service!


Our approach

We have created a solution to help you twice weekly, weekly, biweekly, or on special occasion when laundry is just too inconvenient. Unlike public laundromats scattered throughout the U.S. that offer these types of services, we have created a clean controlled sanitary environment. Our cleaning platform is dedicated to a certain level and standard; properly equipped and geared specifically to the customer that requires unparalleled clean and worry-free service.


Our story

Every trade can have a fresh start, from washboards to washers; why not how laundry is done? From many decades, our knowledge from both dry cleaning and the coin laundry business, we offered laundry services, each having limited success. We have corrected and fine-tuned the process, first by taking the P U out of laundry by ending the odor, and second, the inadequate work facilities. We hope you like the service and the companies that have met our standards to be an Authorized Service Provider! 

Our promise

We know when your clothes leave our Approved Authorized Facilities, they are clean and free of any foreign particulates.

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